This is the ideal gift for family and friends of all ages. Who doesn't love the cuteness of a tiny cuddly teddy keyring? And there's a useful mug for it to hide in - or you could use the mug to drink out of (just let the teddy escape first!).


The mug is our popular small ceramic mug in the "Avon" style which is ideal for children or for those who prefer a smaller drink. The two-finger small handle makes this an ideal tea cup or small mug. It measures approx. 3" (76mm) high and 3" (76mm) in diameter.

It is ideally suited to printing in two positions (wraparound printing is available on request and if your photograph is suitable).


Stock of teddy/animal keyrings varies daily, so select "random" from the options for us to pick from the keyrings currently in stock. If you would prefer a specific teddy/animal, we may have to restock before we can process your order.

'Little Elephant' keyring shown in the above photo.

Photo / Design

The best design for this product is a photo on one side and a message on the back. A close-up head-shot is best for the photo. The size of the photo on the keyring t-shirt is approximately 2.5cm diameter (1" dia.) and the t-shirt is fabric. "Busy" photos with more than one person or with a full body-shot will not reproduce as well as a close-up.


Your message is printed in black on the back of the keyring t-shirt. For best results, the message should be short. The more there is to print, the smaller the text will be, and the more difficult it will be to see.

A longer message can be printed on the back of the mug. If you require a message similar to the one shown in the above photo, we will print the age in colour. Any other text will be printed in black.

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Avon Mug with Teddy Keyring

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